What You Should Have Put on Your Registry

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One of my sweet, generous friends asked for suggestions to give his expectant sister for her baby shower. Specifically he asked for items she didn’t register for, but should have. So this morning, I stalked her registry and she needs EVERYTHING.

People say babies just need love.

Lies. They need cozy swaddle blankets and Nose Fridas.

So for all you moms-to-be looking for the best essentials, clueless friends looking for baby shower gift ideas, dads-to-be looking to spoil their baby mamas– this is the list for you. Also, I have something for EVERY price point. I know, I know. I’m the best. Stop it, I’m blushing. babydaniel


 $10 and Less

Soothies ($3) These are the absolute best pacifiers. They’re simple, inexpensive and are almost every baby’s favorite. Can’t have enough.

Booginhead Grip ($6.50) Babies are clumsier than a sorority girl after too many appletinis. They drop pacis, sippy cups, toys on dirty floors frequently and constantly. This little clip is cute and PERFECT for saving you the hassle of picking it up again and again.

Fresh Food Feeders ($7) These are wonderful for stuffing with frozen fruit and giving to a teething babe.


Baby Legs ($11) For my son’s first year, he wore mostly onesies, baby legs and Gerber pjs. They’re perfect for keeping little legs warm, frequent diaper changes and protecting little crawlers’ knees.

Happiest Baby On The Block ($12) Has lots of great tips for calming little ones and keeping them happy.

Aurora Plush ($12) These are so soft and cuddly and very comparable (arguably better) to Jellycat, at half the price. SONY DSC

Wubba Nub ($13) This looks a little odd. But the limbs are perfect for little fists to grab and hang onto and babies LOVE them.


Zoli Stacker ($15) Love this little snack container! The sizes are perfect for little Cheerios and Goldfish and keeps them fresh– not crushed or spilled in the diaper bag. The pour dispenser top is GREAT for preparing bottles of formula on the go.

The Wonder Weeks ($15) This is a great book to answer your burning, newborn questions. Like, “My little angel baby turned into a demon overnight. Is that normal?” [Answer: Yes, yes, it is.]

Nose Frida ($15) Using the Nose Frida is one of those things I didn’t really picture myself doing. But, it’s incredibly effective and not as repulsive as it looks. Don’t knock it til you try it.

Baby Bjorn Bibs ($18) Baby Bjorn makes the worst carriers and the BEST bibs. These are great for quick clean-up and catching fallen food.

Infantino Squeeze Station ($17) For the moms who want to make their own baby food (not as difficult as it sounds), this rocks. You can easily fill pouches with whatever puree you blend and keep them fresh for baby, freeze them, take them on the go, whatever.


sophieSophie ($23) Babies just love gnawing on this little giraffe, carrying her around and squeaking. Definitely use with the Booginhead! Buying a $20 teether may hurt, but losing one is worse.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals ($25) These are pricey, but absolutely precious, super soft and extra cuddly. Great stuffed animals to hang onto and adore for years.

Baby Shusher Set ($45) The Baby Shusher rocks. It literally just emits a “shushing” sound and you can control the volume. It knocks my babies OUT. Plus you can hook it to the carseat, stroller, place by the crib, whatever! 

Miracle Blanket ($30) This is a quick, easy way to swaddle babies (which generally helps them sleep) without the babies breaking the swaddle. Lots of cute prints too!

Chewbeads ($30) These necklaces are adorable and the silicone material is great for babies. Each bead is individually knotted, so it’s safe and secure as well. I love wearing something that serves a purpose for the baby and still looks cute. Mine has lasted through two babies and I wear it constantly!

Mombo Pillow ($40) I preferred this pillow over the more popular Boppy and My Brest Friend versions. This pillow has a firm side for support and a soft side for squishy comfort, which was great when I wanted to keep the baby awake during a feeding or to take a nap. Inside the pillow, there’s a vibrating disc you can turn on or off. The vibrations meant instant sleep for my baby. It was amazing.

Around $50

Aden and Anais Swaddles ($50) These soft, muslin swaddles are so nice for swaddling for sleep, covering up in the car seat, laying down for a diaper change, etc, etc, etc. The four-pack is perfect because you’ll use them everywhere. And yes, they’re pricey. But they’re wonderful and will be used very frequently. Plus, those prints. Adorable.

Aden and Anais Dream Blanket ($50) This is so warm, so soft, so durable and breathable. (I smothered myself with it to test like a freaking lunatic concerned mom would.) It’s just absolutely perfect. Little D won’t sleep without his beloved blankie.

Honest Co. Gift Set ($50) This set is precious and includes my favorite, essential Honest Co. products. They also have gift subscription options. (Check out my Honest Co. review here.)


jumperooBaby Einstein Jumperoo ($78) This is simply one of the best bouncers/jumpers on the market. It’s entertaining, while not being overly stimulating. Definitely an item parents will thank you for, every day, maybe not personally. But definitely internally. This thing is a lifesaver.

Fisher Price swing. Don't fall for the lip! It's a trap!
Fisher Price swing. Don’t fall for the lip! It’s a trap!

Fisher Price Swing ($120) This thing is magic. Just magic.

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair ($140) This is totally frivolous, but little kids love having their “own” chair and this one is the cutest. Great for nurseries, great for photos and can be personalized. Perfect option for a gift you want to splurge on.

Thanks for Our Baby Sorry About Your Vagina Price Range

i-did-this-to-you-tshirtPetunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack ($190) For all the sweet partners wanting to give their baby mamas something nice, this is what she wants. She may not even know she wants it, but she will love it. And she totally deserves it. Giving birth to your big-headed kid is worth so much more than 180 bucks.

The single greatest gift I received had to be a carrier and in case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t any carriers on this list. Fear not, I’m coming out with a separate list of the best babywearing options for any budget! (Some as low as $29! Whaaaat?) Also check out this list for nursing mamas.

Here is the list of the top ten baby carriers!


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