For the Love of Wine and Coffee: Now featured on Huffington Post!


I’m so pleased to announce that I am now a contributor for Huffington Post! I was contacted by a HuffPost editor last week and I was shocked and THRILLED that they wanted to publish my latest blog post, A gorilla is dead. Put down your pitchforks. I’ve been a big HuffPost fan for years and have always wanted to write for them. So this was really a dream come true for me. I was even more shocked when the editor clarified that they’d like to keep me as contributor and I can continue to submit articles for publication.

861c61642ded8f23ca973a6130b7530e On HuffPost I’ll likely be hanging out a lot in the Parents section, but I’ll also likely be writing for Politics (I’m a total Poli Sci nerd and campaign season is like my basketball season), Women, Home and wherever else tickles my fancy. You can check out my author page here and “fan” me, “like” me, or sign up to get notifications. huffpostauthorpage.JPG

You may be wondering what this means for the blog. Well, the great thing about writing for HuffPost is that they do not demand exclusivity. I can continue to write here, publish on HuffPost AND retain the rights to my work. So to keep updated, please “like” me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to share all posts.

I want to really sincerely thank you all for reading and supporting me. It really means a lot to me to see you all reading, sharing and liking my posts. I’m really thrilled that I can write for such an amazing, thriving audience while sipping coffee in my kitchen while I’m taking care of my babies. I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for that opportunity. Thank you.

Published by Farrah

Farrah Alexander is a writer whose work focuses on feminism, parenting, social justice, politics, and current events. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, BUST, and Scary Mommy. Her commentary has been discussed in Scientific American, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Yahoo, Hello Giggles, Woke Sloth, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail, BBC, and others. Her debut book RAISE THE RESISTANCE: A Mother's Guide to Practical Activism is forthcoming from Mango set to release in the Fall of 2020. As an advocate for gun reform, she previously served on the board of Whitney/Strong, a non-profit founded by mass shooting survivor Whitney Austin. She now is a member of the Everytown Author's Council, which was designed to "harness the power of the literary community to amplify the gun safety movement." She lives outside Louisville, Ky. with her husband, son, and daughter.

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