Everything You Bleeding Heart Liberals Need for Your Victory Party.

This disastrous presidential election is finally approaching an end with Election Day less than a week away. It’s been ugly. It’s been disheartening. It’s been stressful. But chances are, it will end with Hillary Clinton being declared the first woman president.

And damnit, we deserve to celebrate!


So, here’s all the dirty liberal goodness you need as you watch the election results roll in Tuesday. Also great for pissing off all your deplorable uncles on Thanksgiving!

Hillary 2016 Shirt ($15)– Classic design, available in men, women and youth.

Dump Trump Door Mat ($10)– Ahhh, yes. Please wipe the dirt off the bottom of your shoes off on Trump’s orange face before you enter. Thank you. download-3

D is for Dump Trump: An Anti-Hate Alphabet ($14)– This illustrated book is selling out fast and for good reason, it’s brilliant. Here’s the description from Amazon:

Although harsh in its criticism of a narcissistic bully striving to be Leader of the Free World, this is NOT a book meant to spread hate, but rather to stop it. You can’t stop a demagogue by simply rolling your eyes; sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves.

As you roam through the alphabet―B is for a bigoted bully, F is for fascist fear-mongering, M is for misogyny, N is for narcissism, X is for xenophobia―you’ll laugh, you’ll sigh, and if you’re as horrified by Donald Trump as we are, you’ll want to spread the word.

A portion of the proceeds from D is for DUMP TRUMP will support the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice.

Taco Trucks on Every Corner Trucker Hat ($10)– The Latinos for Trump [yes, they exist] founder warned if Clinton becomes president, there would be tacos on every corner. Well, SIGN. US. UP! I love tacos. 51codper3al

Election Photo Booth Props ($19)– Cheese! Smile for America’s future!

Democrat Donkey T-Shirt ($14)– Show support for your local offices too!

Trump Pinata ($29)– I mean, come on, we deserve this.

Trump Toilet Paper ($7)– Literally an asswipe.

Madame President if You’re Nasty T-Shirt ($13)– Great response to Trump’s debate insult.

Love Trumps Hate T-Shirt ($19)– If you’re more of the “When they go low, we go high” type.

Clinton Presidential Playset ($12)– Great for the kids! Includes ten paper dolls, accessories and a special appearance by the notorious R.B.G.! 51pvucawh2l-_ac_ul200_sr160200_

Hillary Clinton Striped Knee Socks ($8)– Keep those tootsies as warm as your heart.

HRC: Some Girls Are Born to Lead ($13)– Great story for the little ones.

Funko Hillary Clinton figure ($7)– Looking KILLER in that pantsuit, HRC.10532_hillary_blue_hires_1024x1024

Trump-Canceling Headphones ($14)– A must-have for Trump’s concession speech.

Hillary Clinton Action Figure ($19)– Ready for action– ready to lead!

And at last, not certainly not least, a t-shirt featuring Hillary Clinton riding a unicorn in front of the White House.  Truly, a thing of beauty.

Happy Election Day 2016 to all!


This post contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy here. 



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