How My Journey to Find God Brought Me to a Synagogue.

When I was a child, the Christian church my family attended and where my grandma played the organ felt like home. I loved Sunday school. The youth ministers were like family. I enthusiastically chose to be baptized. I could recite all the books of the bible in order, although now I’m not sure why. As … Continue reading How My Journey to Find God Brought Me to a Synagogue.

Of course it’s OK to say “Merry Christmas”.

While checking out at my local big box store, the despondent cashier rang up my items with the same level of holiday cheer I would expect from a child whose parents just revealed they were actually Santa. Kristin Wiig wouldn’t be able to get this woman to crack a smile. She wouldn’t make eye contact … Continue reading Of course it’s OK to say “Merry Christmas”.

How to Discuss Politics with Those Who Voted Differently Over Thanksgiving.

Just don't. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Trick or Treat Cookies

Halloween was almost a week ago and I have the perfect solution for all that leftover candy. If you truly indulged in all the Halloween goodness and don't have any leftover candy, (not judging, not judging...), I just got word that Target has their candy at least 70 percent off right now. And you will need … Continue reading Trick or Treat Cookies

In Defense of Halloween

I was leaving Walmart (reason #12983593452 I avoid Walmart at all costs) and a woman sweetly approached me with a flyer. She said if I have kids, I should bring them to her church's "trunk or treat". I glanced at the flyer, chuckled and politely declined. My son just turned two and I still think … Continue reading In Defense of Halloween