Please Stop Telling Us We’re “Doing It All Wrong”.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a viral post many friends shared. In the post a grey-haired man wearing a grey suit and a smug smile appeared under the headline, “Physician Tells Parents—‘You’re doing it all wrong.’” I see this formula all the time. It’s not always from a physician; it may beContinue reading “Please Stop Telling Us We’re “Doing It All Wrong”.”

Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen– myth or fact?

I love coconut oil. Like most semi-crunchy moms, I always have it on hand and use it for a ton of different things. It’s truly magical stuff. A lot of moms really love coconut oil. I’ve heard moms talk about coconut oil like Bubba talked about the different ways you can cook and eat shrimp inContinue reading “Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen– myth or fact?”

Honest Company Review

The Honest Company offers a huge variety of natural, plant-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly products for families including diapers, wipes, cleaning products, soy candles, skincare, baby bath and even baby carriers. You’re probably familiar with the Honest Company because you’re familiar with the co-founder, actress Jessica Alba. She’s been in some awful movies, some pretty good moviesContinue reading “Honest Company Review”