Paint My House!

We’re [hopefully] approaching a closing date on our new house. We love the house, the bones of the house, but it needs some love. The layout is great, but cosmetically, it couldn’t be more boring. The entire house has ugly, damaged gray carpet and black and white vinyl floors. Then I guess they gave the painting task to a toddler who slopped gray paint all over the walls… and some of the trim, windows, fireplace, etc.

During the inspection, I took a ton of pictures of the house. But they all pretty much look the same. You see one picture and you have a good idea of what the entire house looks like.

Foyer. Everything is this gray.
Foyer. Everything is this gray.

We’re DIYers and were looking for a house that needed some updating, so it’s really perfect. Boring white cabinets everywhere. Builder’s Grade mirrors. When you walk through the house, if you listen very closely, you could hear the walls crying. “Help! Make me beautiful! Make me yours!” I just see a completely blank canvas and I can’t wait to paint it.

My amazing, sweet, colorblind husband gave me total creative freedom when it comes to choosing paint colors, which was really exciting and a bit overwhelming. After spending hours (seriously, hours and hours) gathering paint samples, Googling colors, Pinteresting and overthinking considering my options, I’m feeling pretty good about the colors I’ve chosen. firstfloorpaint

BM- Benjamin Moore, SW- Sherwin Williams, ASCP- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My dear friend and self-proclaimed interior design soul sister suggested putting all the colors together to see how it flows. Seeing them all together was incredibly helpful. My first impression is that I think it actually works! I also immediately noticed how much blue I chose, which oddly enough, I didn’t realize before. It’s pretty much all blue. I kind of fell into a beach-chic theme, which I didn’t expect for our incredibly land-locked house. But I did have our previous vacations in mind when I was choosing a look. I wanted the bedroom to remind me of a lush, metro hotel room. I wanted the dining room to remind me of a warm, rich Irish B&B. I wanted the living room to be cozy and inviting like a beach house. I picked a yellow for the laundry room because yellow is supposed to be cheery and doing laundry sucks.


I’d love to hear your feedback. What do you think of the paint colors I’ve chosen so far?

2 thoughts on “Paint My House!

  1. I LOVE your choices!! I’ve been trying to find the perfect blue for an accent wall and think Gentleman’s Grey is perfect (thank you!!). I think the kids’ bathroom is going to be so fun with the Barcelona Orange! Can’t wait to see the before & after pictures together! (so.many.exclamation.points…I think I’m excited for you. Ha.)


    1. Thank you so much! I loooove Gentleman’s Gray! It’s very bold. We’re planning on putting picture frame molding underneath in the dove white, so it will be a pretty high contrast. I’m excited about the barcelona orange too! I wanted the kids’ stuff to be fun and bright. 🙂


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