Big List of Excuses for lack of posting ANNNNND… an announcement!

“Things have been so crazy lately.” I find myself saying that a lot and hear the same things from other friends. Usually followed by, “We’ll have to catch up when things calm down!” And then, things don’t calm down. Ever. I don’t think this is a phenomenon exclusive to parents, I think it’s just a natural occurrence for people who found their way to adulthood and are just dealing with all the responsibilities and “crazy” things associated with it.

Things have definitely been crazy in our house. Our new house! We closed on our anniversary in September after a long short sale (heh, heh) process. We were thrilled to finally have possession of the house, but of course were immediately confronted with all the work involved. We’re fairly handy people and did quite a bit of work to our first house, together. We soon realized that this would be much more difficult because the new house is about twice the size as our first, we were doing much more work before moving in and– oh, yeah– we have a toddler now. My poor husband spent many late nights working on the house after he got off work from his actual job and really busted his ass on this place. We had more than 1,000 square feet of laminate to install and the guy put in every. damn. board.

Instant construction zone after closing.
Instant construction zone after closing.

After a couple months of painting, cleaning, remodeling and after we reached our revamp budget, we were finally able to move in. So far, we really love it here. It’s taken some getting used to and as my husband said, it felt a little like living in a hotel at first. But now it really feels like home.

Once we moved in, we took a week or so to get settled and then quickly realized our work was not done. We still had our first house, which we needed to prep for renting. So once again, poor husband took the brunt of most of the labor and last stitch moving over there. Then we began the search for a tenant and eventually found a good one who is actually getting the keys today. Whew!

Since as I mentioned, poooooor husband was really the one who stepped it up working on the houses, I wanted to do something nice for him to just take a night and relax. So I booked a room at our favorite place to stay, this luxurious, historic resort not too far from here. We had a great time just pressing pause on all the crap we had to do here and just spend a little time together and celebrate what we have.

Relaxing at the lovely hotel.
Relaxing at the lovely hotel.

Oh, and then we got word that our debit card was compromised and some jerkbag went on a shopping spree in the hills of Kentucky. I immediately tried to blame this sliiiiightly sketchy pub we visited. But it turns out the culprit was likely a place that recently had a security breach. No, not the sketchy pub. It was that lovely five-star resort. And that was no fun.

dcAwesome husband was notified that he was a semi-finalist in the Presidential Management Fellowship program, which was reallyyy exciting news. Basically it’s a program for candidates with advanced degrees that wish to pursue a career in federal service. He already has a career in federal service, but this fellowship would certainly push him to the next level and he could really have the potential to affect policy and make big changes. Also, it’s a super competitive program that accepts only 5 percent of applicants, most of which are Ivy League grads. [Which H is not] Of course I’m incredibly proud of him and really excited about the opportunity. He interviewed in D.C. last week and we turned the opportunity into a little mini-vacay.

I’m exhausted. Really. Also a little hormonal. And… wait…


YES. I am pregnant! Baby #2 is expected to arrive this summer with a due date of August 24th. We couldn’t be happier and as busy as we’ve been, dreaming about having another little squishy baby has been a welcome distraction. Between extreme gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, frequent high risk appointments, bed rest, yadda, yadda, #1’s pregnancy was a bit… dramatic. While I know I’m likely headed in that direction for #2, I’m really enjoying this drama-free, “easy” period of pregnancy. Although my jeans are already getting pretty snug. Eeesh. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Last pregnancy, my growing belly freaked me out and I was in constant denial that my clothes no longer fit. Second time around, I’m like, ‘Gimme my stretchy pants and my Snoogle! Lets do this thing.’ As cheesy as it sounds, I’m truly just thrilled to be pregnant.


And the good news is that the baby is doing GREAT so far! Measuring right on track, strong heartbeat, looks like a tadpole, just perfect. We think Little D is excited to be a big brother, although he’s still a bit confused. We told him there was a baby– his little brother or sister– growing in mommy’s tummy and he looked at me skeptically, up and down and just responded, “Lemme see it.” So he’s pretty sure we’re making this up.

But, THIS. IS. HAPPENING. Baby #2 is coming! Hope you guys don’t mind lots of hormone-induced ragey posts (Yeah, I’m pretty much like Lewis Black when I’m pregnant, just also hungry all the time), and lots of pregnancy/birth-y stuff. Also, I’m dying to share some of the completed projects from our new house. Lots of stuff you don’t want to miss, so don’t be a stranger, hit that subscribe button and follow me on Facebook for new posts!


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