My Favorite Planners for 2017


When I left my 9-5 job to stay home with my son, I never expected to be SO. BUSY. Play dates, birthday parties, school events, doctor appointments. Then I began writing professionally, which I love, but now I have deadlines and goals to keep in mind. Oh! And I don’t want to forget any important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

And if I don’t write it down, I will forget. In fact, if we write something down, we’re much more likely to remember it. For example, if someone tells you to meet for coffee at 10 a.m. next Tuesday, you’re 20 percent likely to remember. If you write that down in a planner (even if you never look at it again), you’re 70 percent likely to remember. Crazy, right?

These are my absolute favorite planners…

Erin Condren Life Planner ($55)– These life planners are pretty amazing. You can choose from a variety of super cute, personal covers. There are academic planners, lesson planners for teachers, wedding planners, etc. The life planner also comes with several different options. If you need a specific type of planner and want it to be adorable, EC planners are perfect. But, they’re a bit pricey at $55.

Rifle Paper Co. Planner ($31)– This is a gorgeous planner with all the basics. It includes weekly views, monthly views and a daily check list to stay on top of your day.

Day Designer Planner ($20)– This one has the gorgeous floral design both on the cover and throughout the entire planner. The hard cover makes it super durable. Includes all the basics with room for custom goals. Bargain for the price!

Lily Pultizer Planner ($18)– This is the one I chose last year and I loved it! Any Lily fan will love the designs, which appear throughout the planner as well. Great basic planner with the essentials you need– weekly and monthly views.

Panda Planner Pro ($35)– Fans of this planner love the emphasis on gratitude and goals. If you love bullet journaling, but need a little bit more structure, this would be a good option. This is undated, so you’ll need to write the dates yourself.

MINimalist Planner ($15)– This minimalist planner is, as the name suggests, perfect for minimalists! The design is very clean and basic. No decorative designs throughout, just the essentials.

Tools4Wisdom Planner ($25)– This one has all the bells and whistles– daily, weekly and monthly views. It has yearly goals. It has pockets. It has a durable hard cover. You can even make daily goals and then organize them according to priority. Great for the hyper organized!

The Happy Planner ($20)– This one has a beautiful hard cover and all the monthly and daily views you need. Plus it has adorable designs throughout the book. You can also purchase extensions to snap in your planner, like home planning, fitness planning and financial tracking. Love it!

Daily Planner Set ($12)– Getting organized doesn’t need to be expensive. This is a great deal that includes a planner, journal and a super handy bookmark so you can always find the date. There are 20 design options. The inside pages are basic, but there’s a lot less waste by the end of the year!

InnerGuide Goal and Success Planner ($27)– This planner has plenty of space for goals, appointments and even a little bit of journaling. It looks a lot like the Happy Planner, but with a more basic design inside. There’s a lot of emphasis on mindfulness and reflection in this one. You can also purchase success, finance and fitness checklists to add.

Whew! Lots of great options! Don’t forget pens and post-its! Good luck to all getting organized in 2017!

I’m GIVING AWAY the planner I personally chose for myself this year, the Happy Planner! You can enter here between January 15-22, 2017. Good luck! 🙂

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