I Confronted My Congressman About His NRA Support.

My husband interrupted my Saturday afternoon of chasing toddlers and landscaping to alert me that our congressman, Trey Hollingsworth, had just knocked on our door. Hollingsworth has never held a town hall and has not been readily available to speak with his constituents. He’s like a congressional Bigfoot I had never sighted. Although my hair was aContinue reading “I Confronted My Congressman About His NRA Support.”

What We’re Really Asking Teachers to Carry

The mass shooting in Parkland, Fl. rekindled the ongoing debate in our country regarding gun violence and mass shootings. Parents are scared. Students are furious. NRA members are defensive. Everyone has ideas to save us from ourselves. But of all the proposed solutions — gun control, security measures, common sense reform — one of the most American solutions toContinue reading “What We’re Really Asking Teachers to Carry”

Melania Trump Summed Up Her Tragic Marriage in One Response

The Twitterverse and political blogs are buzzing with the latest example of First Lady of the United States Melania Trump appearing to be as exasperated with her husband as most Americans are. If you missed it, as the Trumps exited the Tel Aviv tarmac, Donald Trump reaches a hand back for Melania to hold. WithoutContinue reading “Melania Trump Summed Up Her Tragic Marriage in One Response”

Rosie the Rabbit Helps Others Talk about Cancer.

I connected with Sarah on Twitter after I wrote The 10 Things Parents of Children with Cancer Want You to Know for the Huffington Post. I loved her story and thought it would be perfect for children touched by cancer. I have no commercial investment or benefit in Sarah’s book. At 33, Sarah Josefsberg was vibrant, healthyContinue reading “Rosie the Rabbit Helps Others Talk about Cancer.”

10 Ways Parents are Dirty Liars.

I read Tobin’s spectacular article, My Son Is a Gifted Program Reject, and I’m OK With That  on Scary Mommy and loved it. I found more of Tobin’s work on his blog and soon discovered he’s not only wicked funny, I also found his perspective on parenting to be refreshing and insightful. From tackling difficult topics to the logistics ofContinue reading “10 Ways Parents are Dirty Liars.”

The Women’s March is So Much More Than a Trump Protest.

The obvious question I’ve been asked when someone learns I’m attending the Women’s March on Washington is “why?” Why would hop on a bus, presumably crammed with estrogen fueled feminists for an uncomfortable 12 hour ride (each way) only to attend the Women’s March? What could I possibly care about that would possess me toContinue reading “The Women’s March is So Much More Than a Trump Protest.”

Please Stop Telling Us We’re “Doing It All Wrong”.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a viral post many friends shared. In the post a grey-haired man wearing a grey suit and a smug smile appeared under the headline, “Physician Tells Parents—‘You’re doing it all wrong.’” I see this formula all the time. It’s not always from a physician; it may beContinue reading “Please Stop Telling Us We’re “Doing It All Wrong”.”

How My Journey to Find God Brought Me to a Synagogue.

When I was a child, the Christian church my family attended and where my grandma played the organ felt like home. I loved Sunday school. The youth ministers were like family. I enthusiastically chose to be baptized. I could recite all the books of the bible in order, although now I’m not sure why. AsContinue reading “How My Journey to Find God Brought Me to a Synagogue.”

The Opposition to Donald Trump is About More Than Politics.

The shocking victory of Donald Trump detonated a storm that illuminated the despair, anger and fear in our woefully divided nation. Many supporters of Trump have found themselves dumbfounded by this response, particularly to the widespread protests, and dismissed the response as sheer disappointment in the Democratic Party’s defeat. Much like this election has beenContinue reading “The Opposition to Donald Trump is About More Than Politics.”