Citrus Lane Review

Each month, Citrus Lane subscribers get a box of assorted goodies appropriate for their child’s age delivered to their door. I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year and overall, I love it. Some of our absolute favorite things for baby have come from our Citrus Lane box. They seem to always send things I probably wouldn’t buy myself, didn’t know about and suddenly can’t live without.

Citrus Lane tends to feature products from trendy, reputable companies like Aden and Anais, Skip Hop, Boon, Melissa and Doug, oxo and Green Toys, just to name a few. Some times they include food, which have always been organic from Ella’s Kitchen or Plum Organics. The body and bath products have always been natural and come from Honest Company or Episencial. Generally, the items included would be more likely found in a specialty baby boutique than Target. 

To give a fair review, I’ll show a sample box we received, break down the value, share some pros and cons of the service and of course tell you how to save the most money if you subscribe. 


So this is the box we received for the month of March…Image

We got this book, which I adored because I just love Petit Collage. They have the most precious modern art prints, wooden toys, growth charts and gifts. It’s already turned into one of those book I’ll read with Daniel and once we reach the end, he pauses and then motions for me to read it again. And again. …And again. So although I’m a bit tired of reading it, it was a hit. 

The box included these dinosaur “Qubes”, which Daniel instantly loved. He lit up as soon as he saw them and has been playing with them several times a day since the box arrived. Image

He insists on making these ridiculous faces when I ask him to smile. It kills me.


Playing with the dinosaurs “qubes” (qube is not a real word, let’s not pretend it’s a real word) made my husband and I realize that middle school way a long time ago and we’ve forgotten many of the dinosaurs’ names. My dear, resourceful and… creative husband now tells Daniel, “Here’s the tyrannosaurus rex, here’s the stegosaurus, here’s the… mommysaurus and there’s the daddyraptor…”

We also got this Medi Buddy, which has some bandaids, gauze, sting-relief pads, etc. Just a standard, cute little first aid kit. I threw it in my diaper bag and luckily haven’t gotten a chance to use it. But, I didn’t have any band-aids in my car or diaper bag before, so this worked for me. This is definitely something I wouldn’t have bought myself, but feel like is good to have on hand. 

Each box has a small item for mom, usually it’s a something small or even sample sized. But this time we lucked out and got this Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda. It’s full size, made from organic ingredients and it just a good, light lotion that smells fresh and lovely. Score for me!

I liked this box a lot and it was pretty typical compared to other boxes I received. Of course I’m always concerned about whether or not it’s a good value. So I’ll break down the retail price of each item compared to what I paid for the subscription. The retail prices are based on current prices from Amazon and don’t include shipping. Image

Including tax, these items would run me just under 40 bucks. I pay $19/monthly (including shipping) for my Citrus Lane membership so I consider this a pretty good value! 

I’m obviously a Citrus Lane fan, consider it to be a great value and will likely continue my membership. But like anything else, there are always pros and cons.


  • Lots of natural, organic and green products. Many of the toys and items we’ve received I have only seen in natural parenting stores and boutiques. Citrus Lane doesn’t market itself as a company only featuring these types of products, but in my experience, most of the items fit a natural parenting lifestyle. 
  • Great variety of items. One month you might get a lunchbox, next month you get a bath toy, the following month you get a book. My subscription has helped stock my child’s little library and keep things on hand that I didn’t realize I needed, until I needed them. For example, I forgot to buy sunscreen, but luckily I just got some in my box last month.
  • Good value compared to retail. Some boxes are better than others, but I’ve never received a box that valued less than retail. I’ve never really felt ripped off with my subscription. 
  • Each box is tailored to your child’s age. I feel like Citrus Lane anticipates my child’s needs and wants. Sometimes I’ll receive something that seems too advanced and pretty soon, I need it or it’s my kid’s new favorite thing. 
  • The products are generally great quality. Just for an example, compare this stacking toy we received from Citrus Lane with the typical, plastic one you can find at any big box store. The one from Citrus Lane is made in the USA from recyclable milk jugs, has a safer design, does not contain BPA or other nasty stuff and for whatever reason, Daniel just liked it much more than the traditional plastic one. The traditional plastic one is made overseas, contains BPA, isn’t as durable and the design is less safe.


  • Some boxes aren’t so great. The first box I received was a total dud and I was pretty disappointed. I stuck with the service and the next box I received was fantastic and seemed to make up for the dud box. 
  • For the impatient, shipping sometimes takes foreverrrrrr. They ship from California, I live in the Midwest and it usually takes a solid week from shipping notification to doorstep. 
  • You’ll receive items you won’t use. You may already have them. You may just not like them. But they’re going to end up in a neat little pile somewhere waiting to be donated, regifted or just to generally be neglected. 
  • They really love some brands. For example, I am stocked UP on Episencial bath and body products. 

Some of our absolute favorite things came from Citrus Lane, especially this, this and this. If you’re an expectant mother or have a young baby, you need all of those things. Speaking of expectant mothers, if you’re attending a baby shower soon and are stumped concerning gift ideas, I think a Citrus Lane subscription would be much appreciated. 

The subscription price ranges from $19/month (annual subscription) to $29 (one month). I use the $19/month option and get the most value from the box with that option. If you join using the link below, you’ll save 50% on your first box (full disclosure, and I get a store credit). 

Try Citrus Lane!




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