Top 10 Must-haves for Breastfeeding Mamas

logo-llliWhenever I’m looking for a baby shower gift or someone asks me for suggestions, I always answer the question with another question– “Is she planning to breastfeed?” My favorite gifts for new moms happened to be breastfeeding products I wish I discovered earlier in my own breastfeeding journey. But once I found them, I loved them!

From pumps to balms to cozy clothes, this is the absolute best of the best. If you’re nursing, planning to nurse or know an expectant mama, get your Amazon trigger finger ready. You’re going to need allllllll of this.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter In the early stages of breastfeeding, you’ll need something to soothe your sore nips. This stuff is all natural and safe for baby (so no wiping off before feeding again). Most nipple creams are made from lanolin, which is very thick and kind of waxy. This nipple butter is lanolin-free and has a much different texture. It just melts onto your skin. Plus, it WORKS. Ahhhhhh. Feel the

Bravado Seamless Silk Nursing Bra This is a great, everyday sort of nursing bra. It’s supportive, comfy and functional. The pads are great to conceal nips and nursing pads, but are removable. It’s a bit pricey, but having a great nursing bra is a MUST and this is a great one.

Mother’s Milk Tea Mother’s Milk tea is full of herbs (like fenugreek, fennel and blessed thistle) that promote healthy lactation. Drinking a couple cups a day will boost your milk supply. Some claim it even helps the baby sleep! In my opinion, the Traditional Medicinals brand just tastes the best.

Bamboobies These soft, reusable, washable nursing pads are so comfortable, you’ll never go back to disposables. Plus you’ll actually save money by buying reusable vs. throwing away disposables constantly. I really loved the overnight pads. They’re all so soft and comfy.

Booby Tubes This super soothing product is made with flax seeds and calming herbs surrounded by a soft, organic shell. You can heat them up in the microwave and apply before feeding to help unclog milk ducts or encourage let down. The warm booby tubes also help relieve the symptoms of engorgement, mastitis or any other painful breastfeeding issue. Some c-section mamas like to place them on their tummies for relief too. You can also pop them in the freezer and apply to sore nipples after a feeding. This 2-pack is awesome to keep one set in the freezer and one set to be warmed up.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Pumping sucks. (Heh heh) But this pump makes your pumping sessions as pleasant as possible. It has an electrical adapter, but can also run on batteries. I even know one super mama who got a car adapter and pumped regularly during her commute, much to the surprise of parking garage attendants. It’s a great choice for quick, effective pumping sessions. Plus the bag has plenty of room for a small cooler, extra parts and anything else you would need. Check with your insurance company to see if it’s covered! (Thanks, Obama…)nursingtank

Nursing Tank I loved these tanks from good ol’ Target. They come in lots of different colors and are super comfy. They’re also reasonably priced, which is great because I stocked UP on these and lived in them. At the hospital, they should just give all the new mamas a nursing tank and a pair of yoga pants. This is your new postpartum uniform, mama. Embrace it.

More Milk Special Blend This herbal blend is simply amazing. It really boosts your milk supply. This blend has goat’s rue, which is especially recommended for women with PCOS, adoptive mothers or women who didn’t experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy. It’s completely safe for you and baby. If you take as directed and drink a lot of water, you’ll see results!

A Nice Water Bottle or Tumbler Nursing moms need to drink a lot of water, which can be hard when you’re pinned under an infant for hours and hours of your day. A great water bottle is a must to keep nearby during those long nursing sessions. Lots of water keeps you healthy and maintains your milk supply!

Ring Sling Those looooong breastfeeding sessions are exactly what inspired me to try baby wearing. I spent so much of my day with a hungry little hippo stuck to my chest, putting him in a carrier and then being able to cook a real dinner felt soooo good. Then when I realized I could actually put the baby in a carrier, nurse and then drink coffee or do whatever I want? Holy liberation. nursing

You can nurse in pretty much any carrier– an Ergo, woven wrap, Moby stretchy wrap, etc. The Badass Breastfeeder has a great instructional post here about nursing in different carriers. I personally have found that a ring sling is the easiest for nursing. I love the chest-to-chest position with a newborn and it’s really easy to just let out some of the slack at the shoulder and nurse. Ta da! You are supermom.

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