Friday Freebie for Breastfeeding Mamas!

Happy Breastfeeding Week! Over the next week, there will be lots of boobie talk over here. I’ll be talking about the common struggles of breastfeeding and share my absolute must-haves for breastfeeding mamas.

Here’s the really great news– One of my absolute favorite, must-have products for breastfeeding moms is FREE today through August 5th or until supplies last. Bamboobies is offering a free pair of regular nursing pads or overnight pads, you just have to pay shipping and handling. They run this wonderful promotion every year for Breastfeeding Week, but of course mamas go crazy for it and supplies do NOT last long. Shipping is just $2.95 in the states. So, this is a hurry, hurry, go NOW kind of promotion you need to take advantage of.

I sense some mamas-to-be, grandmas and other readers might be confused about what Bamboobies are and why they’re so great. When you begin breastfeeding, you have some leakage throughout the day and night when you’re not breastfeeding. So to keep yourself comfortable and keep your clothes dry, there are a bunch of nursing pads available. The most common are disposables that have a sticker-type adhesive that sticks to your nursing bra. I hated those. It feels like you’re wearing a maxi-pad on your tatas. (And yes, that’s as uncomfortable as it sounds.) Plus of course buying lots of disposable pads and throwing them away is super wasteful and can be expensive. Bamboobies are soft, reusable, washable, adorable nursing pads. They don’t show through your clothes. They don’t leak. They’re super comfortable. I absolutely love them.

So, go get yours! You can choose the regular or overnight. They’re both really, really great, but the overnight was my personal favorite.

Free Bamboobies here! (Also, the website is likely to get bogged down, so if you follow the “Get yours now” link and it goes nowhere, keep trying later. I know it’s a pain, but it is totally worth the trouble.)bamboobies

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